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Creating with energy

 Reiki Master


Reiki sessions

Reiki sessions 
special intro. price
distance reiki- 40euro 
(3 @ 35 each)

crystal reiki 
distance 45 euro
(3 @ 40 each)

in person 
one to one reiki 45
session 50 min 
jan special 39euro

one to one advanced reiki 
with crystals in person
jan special 45 euro - 60min

Pet Reiki distance 25 euro.

30 day money back guarantee,
if you do not feel the bene
fits of your session.



I have been a creative all my life, with a passion to create from raw materials, inspired by the stunning Irish landscape to design and make pieces using fine silks, organic wools and fibers, porcelain to silver. 

So forever Inspired by all that we can create, it was only a matter of time, when the creative in me would learn to work  with what can be sensed. We have all felt negative energy from others, which have drained us and positive energy with have raised us.  Now backed by science and used in over 800 USA hospitals to speed recovery the practice is gaining strength and respect thorough out the world. Proudly steeped in generations of 

history. Reiki is a healing modality where you are trained to be a conduit for Reiki life force energy which guides you to work on and clear energy blocks in the body, which gives a more powerful energy flow to the health and wellbeing of the receiver. I work with the energy just above the body (non touch) I find this a very successful way to tune in to the bodies meridians. 

I have recently added crystals to promote the effects of the energy, these are used in modern industry in computers, phones, radios etc. to boost the frequency of the energy, so it is easy to see how it compliments and strengthens the Reiki. 

To book a session, simply purchase in the site and I will contact you with the information. Where you don't mind when when the session is done, and would rather not disclose your issues which is fine too, the Reiki will guide me to the area most needed to be worked on, (i will contact you after to give you feedback) . You request a session for yourself, or someone you are a guardian for, ie you are their main carer, if someone you care for has eg dementia choosing a time where they will be asleep is always beneficial.

Feel free to contact me for further info.














Living along the rural wild Atlantic, its hard not to be inspired by nature in every form. Form the inspiring tones of the rugged landscape of beach and ocean, to the natural dyes and wild plants, meshed and intertwined with luxury natural fibers hand painted and dyed to create wearable art and accessories. 

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